Why am I starting my own blog?

We go through some of the reasons why you should start blogging.

March 21, 2017

Learn all the things!

There are so many great technical blogs out there, that starting blogging is scaring me. Why should I write about anything and make it public?

Improve communication

I want to learn new things and by having my own blog, I think I will learn not just writing and improving my English skills, but much more.

Be better developer

By learning all the technical stuff that is necessary to run a blog, starting from infrastructure to host a blog, SEO and in the end how to design a blog site by their own preferences, everyone can become a better full-stack web-developer. Or choose only one side of the stack - whichever has cookies.

Learn how to network and promote

I want to go through the pain of promoting a blog and see how much effort is needed to make my name known to at least some people, beside NSA, that don’t know me personally, yet.

Personal satisfaction of accomplishment

My posts will be kept as a personal journal about every little thing that I have learned in my career and personal life and blogging will keep my mind busy and push my professional development.

Taking the next step

I hope this is all just a foundation for my first talk someday because my goal is to be a speaker at least once and push myself out of my comfort zone.

If any learning creature stumbles upon my findings and appreciates them, it will be my biggest victory.

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